Being musicians, we know a thing or two about making noise - and this is exactly what we recommend our franchisees do when starting out - make ALL the noise. Be the noisiest, loudest, out there musical creative wonderful person you can. 

Attract attention and keep that attention. Then deliver a strong pitch and reason for people to care.

We’re passionate about seeing our world become a more musical place and we are about enrolling others into that mission. When launching a franchise you are taking a massive step, from zero to one, you are making something out of nothing, it’s an act of creation and should be celebrated. 

When launching your franchise that’s the message, we are here to do a good thing, be a positive part of the community and see music and musicians flourish.

Making noise here is not just about facebook ads and google listings (important as these are) but it’s about getting to know your community, your leaders, your shakers, your followers, eat local, shop local, live local. Care about the community and it’s people and get involved. 

That’s how you launch a franchise.

We have a clear road map for all of our franchisees on this very thing and would be happy to talk through exactly how we have done this successfully again and again and again if you’re interested in taking that step with us.

Choosing your territory right and well from the beginning will have a huge impact on your future franchise success. How big/small, what areas are covered, the demographics, the similar businesses, the marketing opportunities, crossovers and more.

Here are some things to consider when negotiating your territories:

  1. Quality and quantity matters - it’s not just about how big you can get, but what’s inside your territory. For us we’re looking at areas with families and schools, because we’re here for the parents and kids of our communities. If our clients have to travel to far or can’t find a spot to park it’s not going to work.
  2. Crossover territory - think about how your territory will overlap with your fellow franchisees and your competitors. For example you may have a competitor that is far enough away from where you are thinking of building, but if you map the territory you may realise that your advertising areas overlap.
  3. Marketing - this is an interesting area that you should discuss with your franchisor. Are you allowed to market your product/service outside of your area. In a day and age where we have an audience of the entire world at our fingertips, how do we square advertising in someone else’s space. Is that a bad thing? It might help them? It might help you? Good to look at the detail in your agreement.

We hope that helps! We’ve done alot of thinking on this in our agreements and would be happy to talk this out with you if you’re interested, just drop us a line.

One of the major considerations when looking at starting a franchise is “Can I do this myself?”. Or the true question is “What would this be like to start and run this myself from scratch?”. A franchise is after all a fast track past the setup and build stages, it gets you straight to the work of growing the business and ensuring its success. 

As an independent (non-franchise business owner):


We’re obviously pro franchise and love to see our franchisees stand on our shoulders to reach higher than we could on our own. Starting a business is powerful, just weigh up the options well.

One of the main drivers behind our wanting to franchise is for relationships to flourish. An active franchisee with a strong sense of community and knowing their clients, families and team personally.

We live in a society where we crave personalisation, teachers who know where we are at, businesses who understand us better than we understand ourselves and services that care about the individual at an individual level, not just as a number. 

Our franchise relationship is built the same way, we value our franchisees like we value each of our customers and each of our team. You are one of us and we will fight alongside you to see our world become a more musical place together.

We’re here to make the world a more musical place and we’re passionate about that cause. By making more musicians and providing opportunities for those musicians to play and collaborate we are actively doing exactly that. When you are looking at brands ask yourself, what is the message and how is the company achieving that? 

Taking on a franchise is not easy and will challenge you. A serious motivator for getting through this is to have a clear and powerful vision to follow. A north star to run towards. It’s that vision that will drive you through the challenging and mundane moments and create more beautiful and powerful ones.

Keen to make the world a more musical place? Let us know, we’d love to hear from you.

There is a symbiotic and important relationship between a franchisor and franchisee, both need each other to exist and both will rise or fall on the success of the venture. As Franchisor’s we see the success of our franchisees as a reflection of our support, training and empowerment. That being said franchisees must own their place and work hard to see things go well. A good franchisor will have a number of ways to support your journey if you simply ask, here are some suggestions:

  1. Arrange for training with managers/founders/owners. Paid or volunteer, you will save so much time and money by training with those who have been there, done that experience.
  2. Ask for referrals. Ask for connections to companies, individuals or organisations that could help you. A good franchisor will be well connected and be able to open doors for you.
  3. Read the operations manual. Many franchisees will do the basic training then head to work without looking at the manual again. Its worth revisiting your operations manual to see what you can learn, you will find it packed full of insight that will be all the more richer once you are familiar with the processes. 
  4. Basic business skills. Discuss how to skill up on basics like marketing or budgeting or sales with your franchisor. These are fundamental business skills that are not just applicable to your franchise but all businesses. They will likely have a wealth of resources for you to check out and apply.

We provide all of these and more for our franchisees, please get in touch if you’re interested in working with us.

One of the most important features of a great franchise is an incredible group. Buying into the right groups means you are welcomed to a bunch of like minded people who understand what it’s like to run your business and will walk with you every step of the way. A great group will also provide the training and support direct from people who have done it before. There is simply no substitute for real life mentorship, leadership and support.

Business can be very isolating but running your own show in a franchise goes a big way to address this.

Any franchise worth its salt will be in an established industry that is well understood and has demand from consumers. Often placed within a set of single unit operators and potentially some other larger competitors they should understand the fundamentals of what they do and who they serve and have their business in line with these.

From here a good franchise will have its unique value proposition or UVP. This is the thing that sets them apart from the rest, it's the secret sauce, the brand character, the approach, the way they do things that makes them unique. 

It’s a combination of this adherence and understanding of the fundamentals combined with a UVp that makes a great business. The basics ensure a customer is clear on what the business does, the UVP exceeds their expectations and adds massive value. It’s the reason they choose to work with you over the others.

If you are a prospective franchisee, ask yourself what sets the franchise you are looking at apart from its competitors. Ask them this too, the answers may surprise you. 

Getting the numbers right is so important for franchisees. It’s in fact the whole game, it’s like investing in a property, or a stock or a business - you need to understand what it costs, when you will make your money back and what you will make from there. It’s a simple idea but it’s amazing how misunderstood this part is.

The fundamental dissonance we see is that the amount of zero’s scares off some people. We are here to say that the price is relative to the performance of the business. $10k or $100k or a million are exactly the same provided the profits and earn back potentially scales in the same way. It may feel like a $10k business is safer but if the business only nets you a small return you may never get that back, whereas a million dollar business may be a huge outlay but will begin to return profits back to you provided the franchisor has set things up in a great way for you.

We have extensive modeling around our franchise and can walk you through this if you are interested, just give us a call to line up a time. 

We have designed our franchise to be able to be run by musicians and non-musicians alike. For musicians it's a way of getting the business side of things done without the hard work of setting it all up and for non-musicians it’s a way into the music industry and musician way of thinking with no musical knowledge or experience. 

Business and music don’t often go well together. Traditionally artists and their industry have had an uneasy and complex relationship. We believe both artists and business people can do better to achieve the end of great music done well in a business minded way. This idea is at the heart of our franchise, business people need artists and creatives to drive new ideas and push boundaries, while artists need business people to make it happen, get things done and work out how. 

If you have a heart for music and the music industry but you’re not a musician please reach out, we’d love to help you get into it.