NDIS music therapy


We are constantly inspired to make our world a more musical place. Our aim is to make music accessible for people all ages, abilities, experience and walks of life. We truly believe in the power of music, we see it every day; its capacity to soothe, heal, empower, express and speak where words fail.
It's a privilege today to share with you everything you need to know about our In-School program where we take the great and important work of music education into primary and high schools across the state, in concert band programs, choirs, lessons and music therapy. We hope you find this helpful and look forward to working with you when you're ready to take that step with us.

Who is Stormer Music?

We exist to provide great music lessons with wonderful teachers for students of all ages, stages, abilities and walks of life in just about every instrument you can think of.  We have studios all over the state and serve thousands of clients through out program. With families, children and adults all welcome, our weekly lessons are completely personalised and taught within our students goals, values and experience. If that is to simply learn to play, that is beautiful and we are here to help, or if those goals are to join a band, do exams, play to a high level, perform live, do a recording and more we can do that too. Our heart is to see our communities become more musical places and truly believe music is for everyone, we would love to work with you. Click our logo to check out our website for more!

What's the "In-School Program"?

Our in-school program is about bringing the high quality of teachers, tuition and musicianship into schools across the state through:
  • Concert Band Programs
  • String Ensembles
  • Group Classes
  • One-on-One Classes
  • Choirs
  • Music Therapy
Our goal is to give young people the chance to experience and fall in love with music and provide support for schools in arts education and program development.

Four Great Programs!

At Stormer Music we offer four great programs that make it easy for schools to become more musical places. Our team of educators and administrators make it so easy to run a successful school instrumental program! From great communication with the school and parents, instrument demonstrations, performances and specialist workshops, all managed by our dedicated office team (so you don't have to!)

Concert Bands

Junior, intermediate and senior concert band programs featuring small group instrumental and full ensemble rehearsals, training, performances and more.

Group Classes
String ensembles, drum circles, guitar classes, keyboard classes and more are available. Learning in groups provides students a stress free and collaborative musical experience.
One on One Lessons
One on one lessons in just about any instrument you can think of. From beginner through to advanced K-12, HSC support and more.
Music Therapy
A research based practice where we use music to actively support people as they strive to improve their health, capacity, functioning and wellbeing (more on this below).


Our Membership Fees vary according to each school's lesson structure but are below are an estimate per student, working on a 38 week school calendar year.

Private Lesson & Concert Band - from $535/term

Group Lesson & Concert Band - from $200/term

One on One Lesson - from $425/term

Concert Band Only - from $135/term

Solo Music Therapy - from $970/term

Group Music Therapy - from $450/term

What More Of Our Clients Say!

"My son has come such a long way with the support & encouragement of the staff from Stormer Music. Worth paying for the knowledge and professionalism they show! 5 stars!"


"Our daughter looks forward to coming to her singing lessons every week! Great and friendly staff and excellent teachers. Highly recommend! If you are looking for a music school with a friendly yet professional atmosphere with Amazingly talented staff this is the place to go. Great for any level from beginner to advance. I wouldn’t send my children anywhere else!!!"


"Stormer Music is heaven sent! Great, friendly, professional tutors. Great variety and flexibility of different types of lessons to suit everyone. I have learned so many things in the short amount of time I've been going to Stormer Music. I am so grateful to have found this place. I have spent a lot of time, money, energy and effort looking for a half decent vocal tutor/coach. Stormer Music is FANTASTIC! No regrets. 100% recommend"


"We have found the teachers and admin staff to be very helpful, knowledgeable and professional. Our boys have flourished in their desire to play their instruments and are gaining skills quickly. A very well run, effective music school."

Music Therapy!

What is Music Therapy?
Music therapy is a research based practice and profession where we use music to actively support people as they strive to improve their health, capacity, functioning and wellbeing. Music therapy is different from music education and entertainment as it focuses on therapeutic outcomes rather than musical ones. Music Therapy is great for those with: - Physical and intellectual disabilities - Early Intervention needs - Mental health conditions - Speech and language disorders - Autism Spectrum Disorder - Regulation, Emotional and behavioural difficulties - Coordination disorders - Family relationship difficulties - Brain injury rehabilitation plans

What We Do

Our music therapists are committed to supporting people of any age and ability regardless of musical skill, culture or background in helping them express, play, create and enjoy music.  Learning an instrument is great for: - Improving physical health and ability - Addressing emotional and behavioural difficulties - Developing communication and social skills - Increasing creativity, self-esteem and confidence - Rehabilitation of upper and lower limbs| - Emotional and sensory regulation - Two-way communication skills - Motor planning - Social engagement

What Does Music Therapy Involve?

1. Initial assessment: we meet in person and get to know the student/family. We will assess the child within a music therapy setting to determine current abilities and needs.

2. Goal-setting: we will collaborate to identify specific goals and form a personalised program to work towards achieving them.

3. Music therapy sessions: sessions consist of interactive interventions designed to address the goals we have set together. These could include singing, moving to music, playing instruments, improvising through music and song-writing.

4. Evaluation: we regularly evaluate and review the process and outcomes with you to ensure success.

What Is A Registered Music Therapist?

A Registered Music Therapist (RMT) is registered with the Australian Music Therapy Association. Music Therapists are highly trained in using music to change lives for the better through programs tailored to meet the unique, evolving needs of each client we work with.

To become a music therapist one will usually have to complete a music degree followed by a postgraduate qualification in music therapy. Graduates with a degree in another discipline may be considered for postgraduate degrees if they have an appropriate level of musical experience.

Our music therapists are hand chosen for not only their musical and therapeutic capacity but for value alignment, communication skills, ethics and heart.

Here's what our client Leon has to say about music therapy with us:

What Are The Benefits Of Music Therapy?

There is a large body of research that describes how music affects the brain and how music can assist individuals with special needs. Music activates many areas of the brain and has been found to positively affect development, learning and daily functioning. These functions include attention, listening, speech production, emotions, motor skills, memory, coordination and decision making.

For people whose disabilities are severe and profound, music therapy tends to address goals focused almost exclusively on interaction, communication, socialisation and physical needs. Research shows that using a person’s preferred songs can enable people with profound intellectual and multiple disabilities to improve their choice-making skills using non-verbal facial expressions and eye-gaze. You will love it!