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How it WOrks

At Stormer Music, our top priority is providing music education to students in a safe and accessible manner.

Our online, one-on-one music education program enables students to take music lessons remotely, furthering their musical journey with a focus on flexibility and well-being.

Weekly online instruction is led by our expert instructors in a secure virtual lesson room.

Students receive training through our specially designed education program, combining online music lessons with our team of skilled musical educators.

Level Up with online music lessons

Stormer Music's commitment to helping students achieve remarkable musical proficiency is evident in all our music programs, tailored for kids, teens, and adults alike. Our online music lessons program mirrors this commitment, offering students the complete experience of our industry-leading education approach from the comfort of their homes.

Through our online program, students gain access to all major elements of our renowned education approach. This includes personalized instruction, comprehensive curriculum, and the opportunity to learn from our expert instructors—all while benefiting from the convenience and flexibility of remote learning.


How do the online video lessons work?

Once you book in Stormer Music Studio will arrange a teacher for you at your chosen time. Before each remote online music lesson, you will receive a secure link to a virtual lesson room. Guitar, bass, singing, piano, violin and drum lessons are all conducted online through video lesson rooms.

How do I get started?

Sign up using the form on the top of the page, to get your online music lessons started.

How much do online lessons cost?

The costs are $49+GST per lesson.

What time are the lessons ran?

Lessons run usually between 2pm and 9pm weekdays and 9am - 3pm Saturdays - so there are plenty of options.

What equipment do I need to be able to start online music lessons?

Each student will need to have the below equipment to commence on line lessons:

  • Chosen instrument.
  • Suitable device to login to the online lessons, eg laptop desktop computer, tablet, or mobile phone with both audio and video capabilities.