We are so excited to see and hear you play today.
please find everything you need to make this a smooth and wonderful process for you below.

Checking In:

All performers please report to the welcome desk/check in table and confirm that you have arrived and ask which stage you will be on.

Getting On To The Stage:

Please head backstage area three songs before yours. Scout out the best way up here before the show starts. Bring everything you need and our friendly welcome team will be there to help you from there. Parents/guardians of younger performers are welcome to join us side of stage for support if needed.


Your programs are available online right here.


Please keep an ear out for changes to the program, we have already had to cancel some performances, so this will affect your arrival time backstage.

Tuning and Warming Up:

Make sure you tune and warm up before coming backstage.

Setting Up On Stage:

When you enter the stage you will be shown by one of our crew exactly where and how to setup. We have amps, DI’s, mic's. drum kit and keyboards. When you are on stage get comfortable, adjust stand heights etc. before starting and quickly test you instrument to make sure it is working ok before playing your piece.

Backing Tracks:

If you are performing to a backing track please go and check with the sound desk to make sure they have your track and everything is good to go.

Packing Down:

At the end of your performances, if you are unplugging your instrument, we want you to count to 5 slowly before doing so. This gives our sound crew a chance to turn your instrument off at the desk.

Head Back to Your Seat:

After your performance pack down and head back to your seat, try to time this so it is between other performances.

Staying For The Whole Show:

Today is about community and celebration, support one another, enjoy it. Don't be a diva and leave mid show. Stay and support your peers and enjoy the great music on offer.


If you are feeling nervous or anxious this is completely normal. It just means you are keen to have a great performance.


If you make a mistake, just keep going, pretend it didn’t happen, it’s ok. Don’t let it get to you, or show in your face, especially in band items, when the rest of the band is really trusting you just to come back in.