Video Lesson Guide For Students

We live in an incredible time for music education, as the power and capacity of the technology around us grows we can leverage this into our music practice and really raise the bar for learning and growing as musicians Video lessons are a huge part of this and we hope you find the following guide helpful for maximising the experience for all involved.

Quick Checklist For Great Video Classes with Stormer Music Connect!


- Follow the link you've been sent (under "Join Zoom Meeting") and make sure it's working.

- Download zoom to your device if you have not done so already. Click here if you would like to download now.

- Make sure your webcam, lighting and microphone are working and you have allowed zoom use of them.

- Make sure your learning space is ready, with any music and instruments ready and your device setup in a way that you can use it, see everything and hear your teacher.

Getting Started

- Arrive early so you have time to get ready, the link will be active as soon as you arrive.

- Check zoom is working and you have un-muted both the microphone and webcam.

- Make sure you are tuned/warmed up and ready to get into it.

- Make sure your sound is good and all audio is working well.

Running The Class

- Be positive and ready to learn.

- Work through technical difficulties and try not to linger on them when they occur.

- Check your inbox for content we send out afterwards, clips, charts and more through lessonmate.

- Consider working towards your next Stormer Certified badge to help stay motivated and moving forward (details on these below).

More on Stormer Certified here:

Stormer Certified - Work Hard and Get Rewarded

Video lessons are a great time to get working on your next Stormer Certified badge. Follow the link below for details on the different badges and how to apply.