7 Tips to Nail Your Pre-screen Audition

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Here are 7 tips for acing your pre-screen audition and improving your chances of getting accepted into a collegiate music program. The pre-screen audition is typically filmed at home or in a music studio and submitted with your application.

  1. Get in the right mindset by visualizing your success and staying positive throughout the process.
  2. Get organized by creating a spreadsheet with deadlines, requirements, and fees for all the schools you plan to apply to.
  3. Plan a budget with your family, as the expenses for college application fees, auditions, lessons, outfit selection, and instrument maintenance can add up quickly.
  4. Apply to multiple programs to increase your chances of acceptance, including your "dream" schools and some backup options.
  5. Film your audition with good lighting, angles, and sound quality, and use a steady surface to hold your camera or phone.
  6. Confirm receipt of your application by calling the admissions office to ensure that all materials have been received.
  7. Be patient and wait for a response from schools, knowing that you have done everything possible to position yourself for success.

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