You Advanced to a Live Audition

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Congratulations on advancing to the live audition! All the hard work you put into the pre-screen audition will serve you well, but it's important to be even more prepared for the next round. Remember that the panel wants you to succeed, so show them what you've got!

To prepare for the live audition, practice as much as possible. Muscle memory can help combat nerves, so challenge yourself to perform in different situations. Invite family and friends to watch and give feedback.

Choose the right people to support you on audition day. Pick someone who makes you feel relaxed and confident.

Make sure to get enough rest before the audition. Establish a consistent sleep routine leading up to the audition so you can get a good night's sleep.

Expect the unexpected and try to keep as much in your control as possible. If you're traveling, pack your outfit in a carry-on and avoid checking your instrument. Arrive at the audition location early to avoid rushing or being late.

Be polite to everyone you meet, as you never know who you're interacting with. Greet the panelists with eye contact and speak clearly to project confidence. Always thank your accompanist when you finish.

After the audition, send thank you notes to any professors or department staff you met. This shows dedication and maturity, which are qualities that any program would appreciate in its students.

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