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In music, the voice is considered an instrument like a guitar, piano or otherwise. So in the same way that we care for our precious musical instruments, vocalists need to care for their voices. Here are some tips to avoid injury/damage to your voice.

  1. Work with a teacher: Find a teacher who understands the voice and how to use it healthily. Warm ups, cool downs and understanding how your voice works will help you setup good habits that will carry you forward well.
  2. Speaking: Consider how you are using your voice day-to-day, don’t yell or scream, avoid smoky or dusty environments, give your voice a break after extensive use etc.
  3. Food/Drink: Be careful what you are consuming as this will impact your tone, quality and overall voice health.
  4. Practice well: Don’t overdo your practice sessions, save yourself for performances/recordings and use your practices to keep things on track but not over the top.
  5. Listen to your body: If you are in pain, getting hoarse, losing control, strained etc. then it’s likely you are doing it wrong. Address this quickly and directly to avoid a small problem become a serious one.

Need some help with vocal injury or strain? We have some incredible singing/voice teachers available and would love to help.

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