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Choosing the Perfect Audition Piece 

Auditions are about putting your best and most authentic foot forward. Obviously how you show up on the day matters, but almost as much, what matters is the piece you choose. Here are some good things to consider when making your choice.

Everyone is different:

Try and choose something uniquely you, rather than a choosing something you saw someone else do. It’s best to know your strengths and areas for improvement and work with them rather than emulating someone else.


We would recommend choosing a piece that is impressive enough to speak to your capacity as a musician but not so difficult that a case of performance anxiety on the day will create big problems from you. Pick a piece you started a year ago, one that you have some muscle memory around and develop it for the audition.


Try and pick a piece that your audience will resonate with, obviously for things like if you are trying out for a metal band, don’t do a folk song, but more importantly think about what they are looking for, unique or conventional, edgy or approachable, thematic or understated etc.


If you choose a very well known song people will compare you to the versions they have had before - this can work both in your favour (they understand how challenging the piece is for example) or against you (if your version is not very strong comparatively). Choosing an obscure or original piece can work in the same way, fresh takes can work in your favour as you show something new, but may not be as appreciated by an adjudicator without a comparison.

We hope that helps! Feel free to write/call about any upcoming auditions you have we’d love to help and all the very best with the show.


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