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This is a common question we get from parents of young children leading into starting lessons. It’s also framed as an objection by parents about why their child isn’t ready or quits lessons. So what’s the deal? Like with all things music, it’s an art, but there is science to it too. 

Ultimately this question is about attention. Will my child be able to focus, sit still, engage and benefit from the experience. Here are some considerations for you either if this is something you are wondering about or struggling with, with a child already in lessons.

  1. Are they bored? This could be due to the teacher or instrument not being a good fit, try and change the situation and see what happens.
  2. Is the lesson time a good time for them? Is the lesson too early or late?
  3. Are they hydrated? A full tummy, lots of fluids, a quick nap etc. can all really help to be fully engaged and learning.
  4. Have you spoken to their teacher? There is a lot we can do in lessons, having breaks, movement games, singing, etc. that will keep things engaged and interesting.
  5. Bring a Buddy. It is easier to maintain fun and energy in a room with more people, consider bringing a friend along.

As with all things here, we believe in individual approaches with lessons tailored to each student. If we have a student struggling with attention we will do what we need to in order to address that with them and keep the music going.

Please reach out to us if you have any questions or thoughts on this. 

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