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Some would say that the voice is the most natural instrument in the world. Most of us make daily use of this incredible instrument to communicate and express and know the power and capacity of the voice to express sound, intent, emotion, thoughts and more. 

Using your voice as a musical instrument should feel natural too. It’s an extension of how we use our voice everyday in speech and should look and feel effortless. Here are some tips from our vocal coaches about relaxing your voice and making it easy.

Face Muscles: If you have a tortured or strained look when you sing, it is likely you are straining your voice too. It will certainly affect your sound and make you hard to watch too. We recommend practicing in front of a mirror or on video and watching your mannerisms. Consciously address those and you will find your sound will relax too and the more flexibility and tone you will have to boot.

Tense Tongues: Take a note of where your tongue is sitting when you are sitting, most singers will advocate for a suspended and relaxed tongue just behind your teeth, with little to no tension. Relaxing your mouth will open up your sound and allow you to sing for longer.

Breath Normally: Breathing is as natural as speaking and should feel that way when you are singing. Take note of your posture, shoulders and diaphragm when you are singing and be aware of the depth of your breath as you sing.

Making these adjustments will not only chill out singing for you, but will release your authentic singing voice. 

We hope that helps and if you are after further coaching on singing and taking your craft to the next level please do reach out.

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