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Taking care of your instrument is an important part of any musicians journey. Here are some quick tips for beginner guitarists to get started in guitar care, and ensuring they have a beautiful instrument ready to play always.

  • Keep your guitar in its case when not in use especially when carrying it around. Cases also help to regulate the temperature of your guitar (which can affect the wood - see the next point).
  • Ensure that your guitar isn’t left in the hot sun, or in warm places like the boot of a car on a hot day. Similarly, try to prevent the guitar from getting wet – heat/moisture/rain etc. can warp the wood, and this can lead to issues with the neck/body.
  • Keep your guitar in tune – every time you pick it up, tune your guitar. This helps the strings maintain their capacity and makes it easier to tune if you maintain this. This also helps the neck and intonation stay in place.
  • Guitar strings get rusty and will need to be changed – this can vary from guitar to guitar (for example there are different strings for an electric guitar as opposed to acoustic guitar). Strings will last for a different amount of time depending on how often you play and what kind of music you play. They will show signs of wear and tear and even break after a while so be mindful and ready to change them.
  • Every guitarist has a process for guitar care, so speak to your teacher and spend a lesson or few on this important part of the process.

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