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We serve a bunch of wonderful homeschool families through our program. These families are on-fire for education and personalised learning so we share a deep connection with them for that. There are some other incredible benefits you may not have considered:

  1. Off peak rates. Because they are able to come at different times (like early afternoon before school finishes). We are able to offer great rates.
  2. Choice of teachers. Due to being able to come in off peak, home school families are able to have their pick of the teachers, even those who are ordinarily fully booked after school hours.
  3. Collaboration. We run an easier pace during the day and have the time to involve parents/carers in the process a whole lot more. By connecting teachers with parents we can get much clearer outcomes for our students each week.
  4. Music in Curriculum. Music is an important and recognised part of a wholistic curriculum, we are completely open to ideas and suggestions on approach, content and skills. Help us help you carry the burden of teaching creativity and musicianship so you can focus on the rest. 

If you’re a home school family please reach out, we’d love to hear from you.

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