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Let’s start by saying every child is different and develops differently, you will ultimately know best if your child is ready! That being said there are some signs you can look out for and ways you can test the water to see how it goes.

  • Some children show a natural interest in wanting to play a certain instrument. We recommend parents follow their child’s instincts with this – if they’re ready, they’ll tell you.
  • Choose an easy starting instrument, keyboard, ukulele, singing etc. are easy to start with, cost effective and fun. Easing them in this way will allow a child to get used to learning music and potentially advance to a more challenging instrument in time.
  • Watch your kids for signs like constant humming or tapping with their fingers. That’s a clear sign of musical interest that you should consider developing as soon as possible, no matter their age.
  • Learning from a teacher is completely different to learning from a parent/family member/friend, don’t assume that just because your child has resisted playing at home or learning from a friend/relative that it won’t work in a lesson. The dynamic of a new musical mentor can clarify the process for a young person and be a completely different dynamic for them.
  • If your child has not shown an interest in one particular musical instrument, but you want to incorporate music into their education, we recommend starting with piano lessons as a great way to introduce basic musicianship and theory which can then be transferred to other instruments and voice. The piano is also a simple and pain free start with near immediate results even after one lesson.
  • Set them up for success by having realistic expectations and choosing a great teacher, time and day for them. They will get used to and into the process as it goes along from a great starting position.

We offer free meet and greets, intro sessions and short bookings to help families take their first step, if you are interested in starting your child well please reach out, we’re here to help.


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