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Choosing the right music teacher to work with is an important decision to make and will either see you move forward powerfully or lose you valuable time and energy. If you are struggling with the decision here are some ways you can get clarity on this.

  • Ask them to play for you - make sure they can practice what they preach, ask for a video and show this to other musicians you trust to see if they rate them.
  • Ask about credentials and experience - it’s worth understanding someone’s background and expertise before working with them. 
  • Check on insurance, working with children checks etc. - obviously important to have these in place with any professional, if they don’t have them this will show a lack of excellence or care to detail.
  • Teaching Approach - ask them about syllabus and lesson planning, confirm that you are on the same page in terms of the balance between enjoying the lessons and pushing for improvement. 
  • Teaching Space - Find out about their facilities, studio setup and access to gear. Is the space safe, comfortable and conducive to learning?
  • Backup plan - ask them what happens when they are on holidays, fall sick etc. Stopping and starting lessons can be frustrating and really stifle progress.
  • Performances, Workshops, Application - What does the tutor offer in terms of applying the skills learnt in lessons to a real world setting.

As always we’d recommend working with a music school like ours who has done and will provide all of the above and will ensure you find the best teacher for your goals/style/experience.  

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