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There is simply no way around it, you must practice if you want to learn an instrument. Given this, the considered musician and music family will work to make sure that the time put into practice gives the optimal outcomes. Here are some ways we recommend really lifting your practice game and getting the most out of the sessions:

  1. Have a clear practice structure, for example warm up, focus on difficult passages, full playthroughs, improvisation, work on existing repertoire, start on a new piece, cool down and close. Come up with your own flow and make sure you are covering all bases, this will leave you free to explore and play properly without worrying about what else you need to be working on.
  2. For younger learners rather than extended commitments to practice aim or multiple 5-10 min practice sessions daily, it can make the process less intimidating and challenging for young minds.
  3. Just because you have sat with your instrument for an hour does not necessarily mean you have practiced, you need to be working both on enjoying playing what you know already and pushing yourself with new material and challenges.
  4. Don’t go all out everytime. Sometimes easy, comfortable practice is ok, whilst other days pushing for a breakthrough is what’s needed. You will burn out if you go for too long and too hard.
  5. Set up goals and incentives that will give you that extra push if you feel practice resistance coming up.

As always, ask your teacher for their ideas and find your own way to a practice that works for you. 

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