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We believe music is for everyone, whatever your age, stage, ability or capacity there is a way for you to play with and create music if it is on your heart to do so. It is no doubt a different experience learning as an adult but no less rewarding or important. We have successfully taught students aged 4yrs to 84yrs and here are some thoughts about this:

  • Learning music is about time and passion: If you commit the time and pursue your instrument with passion you will do well.
  • Be realistic: you are starting later so those around you have a head start. Don’t compare yourselves to them, just work on you.
  • Be patient: adults tend to be outcome driven, in our experience expecting progress to happen much faster than it will. Give this time and allow your body and mind to connect up and get around what you are doing.
  • Being a natural: you will have strengths and challenges like anyone else, you do not need to be a natural at this, hard work and a good teacher will help you navigate the experience. 
  • Buy a decent instrument: don’t start with a kid’s instrument, they sound awful and don’t play well. Invest in a decent starter and take this seriously.
  • Young students learn quickly, adults learn effectively. In our experience adults are able to take in wider concepts, context and bigger ideas, while younger learners need things in smaller pieces. 

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