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Like learning an instrument, learning how to write songs is both an art and a craft. It's an intuitive and creative pursuit but it has hard skills and methodologies that can be applied and worked on to. We teach a whole of songwriters here and here are some of the ways we approach the lessons:

We work on language: Understanding rhyme, rhythm and grammar will expand your capacity to find and choose the right words for your songs.

We work on harmony: Chords and layers are like a colourful layer under everything you do, understanding how these work in a clearer way will allow you to tell richer stories and express stronger emotions.

We work on singing/playing: Writing from an instrument will help you to stay on track and come up with surprising idiosyncratic ideas.

We work on inspiration: We surround our students with different styles, artists and approaches to widen their scope and perspective.

We work on self-discipline: We understand that creative inspiration does not always strike, so working to be ready for when it does with strict writing and practice routines will ensure that when the strike comes we are ready to roll.

Struggling with song-writing? You are not alone, come join us and get the breakthrough you’re after.

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