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Have you ever heard that saying “where words fail, music speaks”? It’s an interesting idea and one that we certainly see play out at our school. For the musician, music becomes a way of speaking, feeling and expressing, a way of getting out what’s inside in a positive and creative way. It’s not only “I can play an instrument” but “I can play music” and through that music I can say something. 

This is so important for kids, especially the shy ones, or the thinkers who struggle to put it all into words, or those with emotional and spiritual challenges where words just don’t cut it. Music gives them a chance, to sing, to play, to rage, to swoon, to dance, to move, to shout, to aggress and express - and all of this in a healthy, wonderful way that can encourage those around them and give them something to be proud of. 

We strongly believe that all young people should be given the opportunity to play music and are here for that if you are looking for somewhere to help.

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