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Learning an instrument is a wholistic pursuit. It’s not just about learning to play the instrument but working through the discipline, mindset, process and challenges along the way. Assuming you now have an instrument you are working towards and a great coach to guide you, here are some things you might not have considered that will have a big impact on your on your learning.

Set A Budget: Plan out the time and money you are willing to spend to learn to play. This will give you a roadmap and accountability and will allow you to compare properly to other artists; look up how often they practice and their routine and see how you stack up. Also plan out the money you will need to save to buy your next instrument/gear and be diligent. Getting new tech is extremely rewarding for hard work well done.

Tap Other Skills: Each of us is a tapestry of skills and deficiencies. Maybe you are a great reader, or listener. Maybe you are a morning person, or a night owl. Maybe you work well with others , maybe you are better alone. Try and optimise your learning to suit your natural strengths and capacities to make this easier.

Set Goals: Set goals and actually work to achieve them. We recommend SMART goals (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time based) which will help you to make plans that are realistic and aspirational at the same time.

We hope that helps and if we can be of service to you on your music journey, please do reach out. We get it. 

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