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Playing music with others is one of the most important and valuable things to do as a musician. This can be working with a teacher, learning in a group, recording yourself and sharing with others, playing in a band or performing for an audience. Music brings people together in a powerful way and gives us a way to communicate and share with others. Here are some tips and tricks on playing music with others:

  • Everyone is nervous: it’s not just you, you are all in this together and bring our own nerves and doubts to any social setting. Embrace them as what will happen and don’t let those stop you. Also understand that those around you are struggling too, so do what you can to support them.
  • Music is not competitive: don’t compare yourself to others to hard. Every musician is on a journey that started from the same place. Try and work with musicians at your level but understand even the most experienced musicians can learn from amateurs.
  • Have some material ready. Find something you can play together and have this ready before the day. Having a piece of music ready will help break the ice and allow creativity to flow.
  • Listen and work with those around you. Playing together sometimes means stopping and giving space too. Don’t feel the need to perform for those around you, sometimes less is more.
  • Get your timing right: Make sure you practice with a metronome. One of the most challenging issues to overcome in a rehearsal is a musician with poor rhythm. Do everyone and favour and work on this.
  • Give it a shot. Finally, it won’t always work. Every musician has had a bad rehearsal, a band breakup, an awkward gig. This is part of the journey, and these experiences will help you to learn and improve. 

We hope that helps! If you are interested in learning more about working in bands or getting some practice in a safe and supportive environment please call and ask about our “Collaborate” program. 

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