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Many musicians are scared of metronomes. Or even hate them. When we bring one out in a lesson it’s often accompanied by a frustrated sigh from our student. Metronomes are a powerful tool for all musicians to use though and completely misunderstood. We’re here to help you love (or at least understand better) your metronome and it’s place in good music practice.

Consistency: Metronomes are consistent and relentless. They are pure maths and show up time after time, on time every time. For a musician struggling with rhythm and feel a metronome can feel like a trap, holding them into a straight beat, but really it’s setting a standard for you to play within.

Band Mate: Many musicians will use drum machines as a metronome. This can be a good substitute if you like. Either way a metronome will teach you to play in time which is critically important if you ever want to play with other musicians. Rhythm and pitch, you need to have those down in every music setting.

Brutal: Metronomes will show up every mistake in real time and not just show up but force you to play through and keep going. Like recording yourself and listening back, metronomes take no prisoners, you are either synced with the metronome or you are wrong.

Your metronome is like a robot personal trainer keeping you accountable and will greatly assist any musician at any stage in their career to focus, meditate on and play to time.

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