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This article is for the passionate strings players amongst us, guitar family, violin family and more. Being acoustic instruments and having a combination of great design, woodwork, string tension and more the intricate parts need to be managed well to ensure they last and further, a good instrument care plan will see your instrument improve in time.


Cleaning: Wipe down your strings with a microfibre cloth (these will often come with your instrument or can be purchased from any music shop). Also clean the body, neck and headstock, clearing dust, moisture and other build up will avoid big issues down the line.

Temperature: Wooden instruments are highly affected by temperature so keep your instrument in its case and out of extreme high or low temperatures. Also avoid significant and fast paced changes in temperature like hot cars, air conditioning etc. Spikes in temperature can warp or crack your instrument so be mindful here.

Humidity: Wooden instruments absorb humidity and need to be kept in their cases in dry rooms/storage areas. Mould and build up can be a big issue and affect the instrument's sound and quality.

Bumps and Bruises: Handle your instrument carefully and intentionally, the are fragile and can be irreparably damaged if bumped or knocked in the wrong way. Parents be mindful of your children’s handling of their instruments and make sure they are stored safely away when not in use.

New strings: rusty and older strings not only sound bad but can damage your fret/finger board. Make sure you use higher quality strings as they will last longer and sound much better.

We hope that helps! Check in with your teacher for their top tips on string care too, there is alot to know that will make a huge difference.


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