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So you’ve started lessons, gotten the instruments you need and the practice you are hearing is starting to sound not-to-shabby. Congratulations on getting through the beginner stages of learning, they can be really challenging for musicians and their families. Now though you can start to look at good ways of pushing your child’s learning forward and seeing them get to the next level. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Keep Up The Basics: Keep the lessons and practice up, these are lifelong habits and are the foundation for the rest. Don’t think you’ve learned enough to go out on your own just yet.

Formalise the Routine: Setup a proper routine for practice and playing. Also setup a plan for the next gear purchase or upgrade. Your child will outgrow their beginner instrument shortly and you need to be ready to get them a more substantive instrument.

Play Music With Others: Find other musicians for your child to play with, maybe in school band, church, neighbours, wherever! Getting in the room with other musicians is a powerful way to grow.

Mix Up The Content: Start looking at other styles of music, you will find a musician is more open to different styles and approaches once they have covered the basics. 

This is a great time in the life of a young musician, enjoy it and be proud of the work they are doing and the outcomes they are achieving. It's a team effort. 


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