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So you’ve decided you would like your child to do music lessons but can’t decide on which one to go for? Hopefully this will help you make that most important of decision’s. It’s good to note here that there isn’t a strong right or wrong here, more of a cost/benefit analysis mixed in with some intuition and knowing what your child is like. 

There are two main things to consider first that cover all instruments, there are how old the child is and if they have an interest in any instrument in particular. On age/development there are some more technical instruments that may be beyond the capacity of smaller hands (say saxophone) while some are perfectly suited no matter how big or small you are (piano).

Secondly if your child has shown an interest in something in particular that is definitely worth exploring. Try and sort out why and make sure they really understand, if they do you can get alot of mileage out of their interest, especially in the early days where learning can be challenging.

If they don’t have a preference, the piano or guitar are good kids’ musical instruments to start with. They are easy to play, cheap to buy and have a wide range of styles and music to choose from. Other options would be violin, clarinet, smaller saxophones (like alto), drums (electric kits can work for younger learners) and ukulele.

We hope that helps and as always we would encourage you to find a great teacher to guide you on this path. If you need us please do call, we’d love to hear from you.


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