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We’ll say from the start that we are obviously keen for you to join us - there really is no better option. That being said we have to back that up and this article is going to discuss some of the thinking we have done to become Australia’s leading music school, serving thousands every week through our programs.

  1. Find a school that matches your values. Do you get good vibes from the first call/email? Do you like the person on the other end? Is there a good rapport between you? Keep in mind that you are going to see these people week in and week out, so you want to get along.
  2. Find somewhere you feel comfortable in. Go in and check out the place, does it feel safe, well lit, open, honest and clean. These are environments for families and children and should feel transparently safe and friendly.
  3. Find professionals. It’s alot of time and money to throw into lessons that get your child nowhere in their music. You risk at best wasting time and money until you eventually find us, or at worst you turn your child off of musical together.

There is much more to say here, but this is a start, please check out our other blogs and website for more about what we do and why and reach out if you would like to experience this for yourself, you are so welcome.

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