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There are allot of businesses out there looking for problems for their solutions.If you find your eyes glazing over when hearing about a business idea or struggling to understand who would pay for what they are selling, that’s a sign. The next thing would be to check what the market is for that solution, it might be you find a large population of buyers are actually interested - you just didn’t know. If not though, you are probably looking at a lemon.

We’re an established and proven type of business. Music education has been around for centuries and the humble music lesson a fundamental step. The same can be said for many service businesses where the offer and solution is clear. Hairdressers, gyms and childcare centres are everywhere and needed. We’re also innovative in taking the tried and tested model into the new era with online options, social media strategies and automation.

You may be lucky finding a niche business that works for you but we recommend a proven model that you know works, so you can get about the business of running it successfully.

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