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Being musicians, we know a thing or two about making noise - and this is exactly what we recommend our franchisees do when starting out - make ALL the noise. Be the noisiest, loudest, out there musical creative wonderful person you can. 

Attract attention and keep that attention. Then deliver a strong pitch and reason for people to care.

We’re passionate about seeing our world become a more musical place and we are about enrolling others into that mission. When launching a franchise you are taking a massive step, from zero to one, you are making something out of nothing, it’s an act of creation and should be celebrated. 

When launching your franchise that’s the message, we are here to do a good thing, be a positive part of the community and see music and musicians flourish.

Making noise here is not just about facebook ads and google listings (important as these are) but it’s about getting to know your community, your leaders, your shakers, your followers, eat local, shop local, live local. Care about the community and it’s people and get involved. 

That’s how you launch a franchise.

We have a clear road map for all of our franchisees on this very thing and would be happy to talk through exactly how we have done this successfully again and again and again if you’re interested in taking that step with us.

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