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A solid franchise will have a journey mapped out for all clients as they make their way through the business. This will begin with strong marketing that is clear as to what they do and who they do it for. This is followed up by a great sales process that allows a prospect to seek more information and make a clear purchasing decision. The sale is backed up with an incredible delivery of the product/service that meets and exceeds the expectations of the marketing and sales experience and finally these steps are backed up with a professional, trustworthy and excellent administrative process to ensure money is managed effectively and conditions are met consistently. 

A good client journey addresses all of these parts well. You will see from the above that if any of the steps were to fail, the process will not work for clients and will ultimately mean the business will not work. Once you have the processes in place a solid franchisee will then be able to personalise and add the “wow factor” as they know the important essentials have been covered

When shopping about for franchises, we recommend asking about this as this will ensure a solid stream of happy customers through the door and allow you to focus on the good work of running your business beautifully.

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