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Being a franchisee is a powerful and beautiful thing. You have the rights of an owner with less of stress and you have the power to make and effect change and run a business to your values and skills. We recommend all of our franchisees come in ready to really leverage the franchisee experience, this is about of course about growing the business, but it also about our franchisees growing themselves, changing and skilling up through the process. Anyone can buy a franchise or start a business, few really take the time to leverage the experience fully.

If you are buying a franchise we recommend you start with a set of personal goals that are completely separate to the business itself. Maybe you want to improve your confidence in public speaking, maybe it’s being able to choose your own hours or to commit to having dinner with your family each night. Whatever your goals/dreams are, write them down and make sure they are a filter to run through any choice of franchise you go with. Are you entering into an opportunity that speaks to those personal goals? Is the team you are looking to work with aligned to those values?

Ask the questions of your franchise, and press them on the answers. The wrong decision could have damaging consequences, the right one will exceed your expectations and see you flourish as result.

We are all about our franchisees, write to us if you feel like we could be a good fit for you.

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