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Starting out in franchising is a big step, the zero to one that gets you from interested to franchisee and ready to go. Your initial investment becomes an act of faith or trust in what you are seeing. It is the money on the line, the risk for the reward and the cost if you do not get this right.

All we can say is we hope you have done your research. In developing our model we have seen some exceptionally high risk/high reward franchises out there. Massive up front cost but huge returns if you can pull it off. It’s stressful to think about for a new franchisee heading into that unprepared.

We designed our franchise to be a low cost investment to start with a pathway to running a hugely successful launch and initial opening period to get high returns and fast. Scaling quickly to get to a situation where our clients, staff, franchisees and us as the franchisors all win.

If you are shopping for franchises consider the kind of risk/pressure you want from the get go, it’s a pivotal and important decision to make and will set up your path to victory or failure from there.

If you are interested in more information on how we think about or run franchises please reach out, we’d love to hear from you.

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