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Getting out into your community and connecting with local business people is a powerful and important thing for any successful franchise business. Even if your business is direct to customer (like ours) there are some incredible and less obvious benefits to networking that you should consider, here are some of our favourites:

  1. Network effect: Getting amongst business owners will allow you to influence and be influenced by the community around you, make change, have your opinion heard and challenged and more. With common goals you are stronger together.
  2. Key person of influence: You will fast become the go-to person in your industry. In music we become someone who non-musicians can seek advice from in all things creative and musical.
  3. Pillar of community: Networking will give you a chance to volunteer, donate and support local initiatives and contribute to your community. Building your business and personal brand whilst helping others.
  4. First to know: Being on the ground in your network will allow you to hear things first and from the source which may give you an advantage in planning and business.
  5. Support and understanding: You will be surrounded by folks who understand what it is like to work in and run businesses. 
  6. New customers: Networking will provide new customers straight to your door by being a business with a name and face they can trust.

Our franchisees are taught networking skills and ideas as part of their training and we see it as fundamental to solid business growth in your community. 

Hope that helps!

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