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There is never a perfect time to start a franchise. It’s like with anything you will never be fully ready and the situation never exactly right, if you are struggling with this here are some good perspective shifters:

  1. Businesses closing in your sector may mean a saturation but could also mean a reset in the industry and chance for you to scoop up the clients left in the wind.
  2. Downturn in passing traffic can mean a chance for you to secure a great location in prime real estate.
  3. Recessions force alot of high skilled workers back into the job market, you can pick up some incredible talent at times like these for much less than usual.
  4. Starting in a challenging time will force you to work in a lean, strict and strong way, when the summer eventually comes you will flourish given how hard you worked to survive in a hard time. 

There are stacks more, but ultimately try and find a silver lining or a massive positive from any struggle you are going through. We’ve started a bunch of companies and franchises at all different times, please do reach out if you have any questions. 

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